Researching Film Equipment

Today I have been looking at film equipment. I have to consider purchasing reliable products but also have to consider that the equipment might get stolen. So not to spend TOO much money is key. One nice camera, a couple small cheap cameras, a couple lights, and a few microphones seem perfect. After much research on a camera, I might settle on the Canon 7D body then invest in nice lenses. Since this will be a documentary I will invest in a nice zoom lens. I was recommended a Canon EF 17-40mm F/4L Ultra Wide Angle Zoom Lens from a gentlemen at Tempe Camera in Tempe, AZ. I was also recommended a Canon 50mm 1.8 Lens from a friend to shoot anything in need of a shallow depth of field, like interviews, artistic close up shots of soccer balls or flowers in the wind.

Canon 17-40mm F/4L

50mm F/1.8

Canon 7d body









Also found this really cool 1940’s travel film on the Pan American Highway.

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