Richard Swanson, A Man With A Dream To Dribble A Soccer Ball From Seattle To Brazil In Time For The 2014 World Cup, Killed 250 Miles Into His Journey

ap-soccer-ball-dribbler-death-4_3_rx404_c534x401The FIFA World Cup starts June 12th, 2014 in beautiful Brazil. Seattle resident Richard Swanson started dribbling that soccer ball on May 1st following the same route that we have mapped, the Pan-American Highway. On May 14th Richard was struck and killed by a vehicle on U.S. HWY 101 in Lincoln City, Oregon. [You can read the full article here]

Richard didn’t get too far, but at least he started. Some of us out there with goals and aspirations in life will never get around to even stepping foot on our ‘road to Brazil’. For that, Richard, I salute you. The news outletts writing this story up left people to their opinion of whether this was a suicide mission in the first place or if this epic journey could have led to life changing experiences for not only him but for other unfortunate dreamers out there. This trip was a personal trek but he was also dribbling to promote an organization titled One World Futbol Project which donates “a virtually-indestructible [soccer] ball that never goes flat and never needs a pump” to developing countries around the globe. For those who believe this was a suicide mission need to realize 40 hours a week at a desk is already death.

The journey has been accomplished by many on foot, on bicycles, and on motorcycles.

Richard Swanson is an inspiration to all of us here at Caravan To The Cup. As we travel the Pan-American Highway through rough rain, severe soot, sleet, snow; as we drive a plethora of narrow roads that reach the clouds, consuming an ample amount of local foods and drinks, and divulge into new culture values that would jealous even the most ethnocentric personality, Richard Swanson will be a reminder to just keep going. Never give up. Freak accidents happen no matter where you or who you are.

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Richard Swanson.


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